Soul mates and old souls

Of course there are soul mates. We all have an experience of that. The sudden feeling from a new person, that I know him/her. We have a connection and deep understanding without words. People who don´t recognise that or don´t accept the phenomena are those whose beliefs of life are purely based on facts and science.

But or course there are soul mates and of course you are an old soul, young soul or something in between. Because everything in this dream called life is energy. And because everything is energy, your energy and somebody else´s energy just connect more perfectly.

And of course there is thing called reincarnation. Old souls are people who have been here several times and gathered huge baggages of emotional trauma and experiences.

And of course there is also ghost, angels, demons, goblins, elfs and what not.

Here in the dream life everything is possible. Science and fact based life is just one form of belief. Religion is a belief. Science is a belief. Philosophy is a belief. Just choose yours. But because everything is really energy based, those soul connections FEEL more real, they feel right. And on the other hand science, religion, philosophy are  “purely” belief based. You can´t feel them,  you can “just know” that they are right. In your gut and in your body. Which is purely energy.

But then what? Exactly. No what. It doesn´t matter that you “know” that you have a soul mate or twin soul or whatever, or that you are old soul who is struggling to find love or to get along with people. Because it is all happening in a dream.

You can make your dream better by understanding the energy cycles, soul mate concepts and living more energy based, but it´s not any answer whatsoever. It doesn´t take you anywhere. You can spend your whole life investigating and understanding the soul mate concept just as easily as you could spend digging deeper for example some unsolved scientific problem. Same thing.  You have created whatever story to your role play, the person you are prentending to be. If it´s science guy or soul connection expert, then be it. It doesn´t matter. Only thing that matters is that you see what you are doing. What kind of personality you have chosen. What is the role play you are playing. Changing hard facts and science belief into energy matters and angel cards is not “understanding there is something more in this life” than just facts. It is just a new version of you, new trait in your persona, new aspect, new mode. It probably feels more real and true, because energy is real. Whereas science, religion etc are purely based on belief. But still. Even though you are now resting on more solid ground of energy world, it doesn´t change anything. It is still a dream (slightly better probably) and you are still playing a role of yourself. Acting on a stage called life.


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