We need drama

Almost everybody is searching for inner peace and dramaless life nowadays. Meditation, Mindfullness, Yoga, spiritual growth etc. Modern life is so stressfull that we crave for more  peace and a state where everything is “right” and balanced.

But actually we need drama. Ups and downs of life are the reason we are here. The rollercoaster is the ego mode, the state where you actually feel something, enjoy the life and find a meaning to it. Without drama there is no meaning in life.  And by the way, everybody is also searching for meaning nowadays.

If you take away the drama from your life, you are in a very lonely and boring place, where nothing happens and where everything feels, well, nothing.  The only problem with the drama is that it also contains suffering. You have to stomach suffering, and sometimes very much of it, in order to have to good moments and enjoy the bliss.

Some people seem to have less suffering than others. But it is not true. Everyone has very much suffering. Because it is happening in your mind. The ones who “have it all”, meaning they are wealthy, even rich, have nice jobs, loving partner, perfect kids, enjoy great spare time etc are still suffering. Keeping all that great life up is very demanding job. You need to make the money, you need have the right appearance, you need to fear that your partner don´t fancy you anymore if get weight, you are most likely very stressed and suffering from all kinds of small and bigger medical symptoms and annoyances, you have to stress about your children and their getting on life, what you neighbors think of you, do you have the right car at the moment etc.

If you are very poor and most of your time goes on finding food, shelter and being afraid, you are suffering. And again on your mind. It is just different kind of suffering by the appearance of it than the suffering of the wealthy one. But still it is suffering happening in your mind. Now you say that what the fuck, if you haven´t eaten for for days, it is very real suffering and nothing compared to the minor discomfort of thinking that does your spouse have an affair or not.  Not true. Those both sufferings are still happening in your mind.

If you are dying of hunger or heartache, it´s the same. You believe that you exist. You believe that there is this person called you who is now suffering either from hunger or heartache. You are playing your role, the one that you have played since the day you were born. You believe it. You think you exist. And therefore you suffer just in the way that you are supposed to suffer in your role in this play called “Life”.

If you start to realize that and start to lose yourself. Start to become no-one. Start to understand that there is no-one. It is just a role you are playing. Then the suffering ends. But then also ends the drama. And believe or not, you actually want the drama. Because without drama life is very very boring.

As long as you have ego and the illusion of personality, you will have drama in your life. And the meaning.


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