Your life is totally logical

In this dream called life, your life is 100 % logical and going according to the script. You are acting your role perfectly without knowing it. Everything goes exactly as it should go. There is no surprises, life altering events or coincidences.

Your life and everything outside your self, all the other people and events are pure reflection of yourself. Your emotional baggage, the emotional box that you are. All those emotions that you carry, mirror them selves back at you from outside of your self as events and other people doing or not doing things according to your emotions. Everything really is completely, utterly just you. There is nothing else than you. And therefore nothing is coincidence.

By investigating who you really are, who is this persona and character, you can find the emotional box you are made of. And see it like it was somebody else. No denial, no self love, no self approval, no self-esteem or any other crap like that. You can´t love your self and appreciate your self, because it is just a character in a show. But you can find out thoroughly who is this character. What is the emotional baggage he/she is carrying from his own childhood and from parents and grandparents.

When you find out the emotional box you are made of, and are able to separate the most important emotions (most controlling ones) for your character, then you can start to see how everything in your life is perfectly logical.  Totally. All the happening, events, sorrows, joys, people, jobs, living places…everything is just completely logical and nothing could have gone differently. Nothing.

But the most important finding is that nothing of your life is true either. It is just a play. Theatre. And you have believed it. You have become your character, your role. Like it might happen to a Hollywood actor in a very intense movie part. You have believed your story (made of emotional history), immersed in your emotions and lived your part wholly.  And when life has been tough and has handed you lemons, like it does for everyone, you have developed different kinds of tools to strengthen your self. For example unconditional self love, strong self-esteem and appreciation. Those tools have carried you over the difficult emotions, people and events in your life.

But all those difficult times in your life are also very logical. They stem from your emotional box. You sort of pick one or two emotions at the time from your box and everything else outside you mirrors those emotions back at you. People behave in a way and events happen in a way that completely levels your emotion at the time.  And then we all have THE emotion, the big one which is shaping our life in the bigger picture (for example for me it´s lack of love and abandonment). If you find out what is your emotional box, what is your emotional deck of cards, and which one is THE QUEEN, then everything is very logic. It´s completely natural that those kind of people and those kind of events have occurred in your life. And it will go forward in that exact same manner if you are still willing to play the role and stay at sleep. If you are willing to believe that you exist. That you have a persona.


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