Your role needs a setting

We all have a certain role. The character we are playing in this theatre stage called life. Without realizing it.

Your role needs setting: another perfectly fitting people, location and events. Everything outside you is perfectly aligned with you. The role you are playing.

Let´s take an example. Your character is for example feeling like a victim. His/her childhood was not very happy, because his mother was very distant and was not giving enough love and support. Father is nowhere to seen, he left when he was only 3 years old. At school he was bullied, because of the not-so-trendy clothes and big eye glasses. Teenage years were pure agony. Everybody else had friends, girlfriends, sex , booze and rock n´roll. He chose to study mathematics, very lonely and weird profession, where you can be totally inside of a certain belief and rules. It is very safe, logic and you have a nice little box with distinct frames. The firs job was of course in a big corporation where his boss liked to be very bossy and treat his employees like dirt. His first girlfriend became his wife for two years and then she felt that he was just too boring and left him. The only friends he had where also mathematicians and also in very similar places in their lives.

See? Everything in your life, I mean outside of yourself, is according to the beliefs you have. Your outer life is a perfect mirror of your inner self. And you buy that!  You believe its real. That this victim person is real and this is just my life.

Of course it is, as long as you believe it. It is exactly like you believe it to be, and it is also very very logical as long as you believe that you exist. That there is person called you.


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